Bits and Bytes Computer Club



Held the 4th Wednesday of each month except July and August.
Join the discussion on computer and technology topics
Bring your questions.
A valid Kitchener Group Card is required to attend in person meetings.

NOTE the change in time for the November Show and Tell meeting.

TIME Wednesday, November 16, 2022   9:30 am - 11:15 am
PLACE Via Zoom - members will receive a link via email
TOPIC Hearing Aids and Apps to Support them.

Do you have computer / technology ideas you would like to share or have discussed at future meetings?
Email questions to:

Below are notes and presentations as provided by participants.


2022 Presentations

Brom Churchill, October 26:
Green P Parking app Advantages, Green P Setup, Green P How to Use

Ron Baer, September 21:
Libre Office

Brom Churchill, May 15:

Bill Thout, March 23:
Android App Information and Apple App Information

Bill Thout, February 23:
Getting the Most Out of Your Devices

Lew Ford, January 26:
Smart Home for Beginners


2021 Presentations

Ron Baer, November 24:
Google Office Apps

Lew Ford, September 22:
Which Cell Phone Should I Buy?

Ron Baer, June 23:
Cloud Storage

Bill Thout, May 26:
Using Facebook Messager and Using WhatsApp

Bill Thout, March 24:
Using YouTube for Viewing

Guenter Gamauf, March 24:
Uploading Videos to YouTube

Bill Thout, January 27:
Remote Control Applications, Any Desk Installation, Teamviewer Installation